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Bug Off

Bug Off

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Introducing an all-natural, essential oil-based bug spray, specifically formulated to repel mosquitoes, flies, ants, and ticks.

Made with a blend of powerful essential oils, including citronella, lemongrass, cedarwood, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus, and lemon this bug spray effectively keeps pesky bugs at bay, while also providing a pleasant, natural scent.

Unlike traditional bug sprays that rely on harsh chemicals, this product is safe for the whole family and gentle on the environment. It can be used on the skin as well as on clothing, and also perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and picnicking.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from bug bites and enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind, with this all-natural essential oil bug spray.

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Keep out of direct sunligh and heat. Avoid storing in the car when it is hot.

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